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Thainda Keerai Red Seeds


                   Amaranth leaves also known as Thainda Keerai are rich in vitamin A and a cup can meet 97% of your daily need for this antioxidant vitamin. They are also full of flavoring polyphonic antioxidants like beta-carotene, Xanthippe, and lute-in which provide a protective layer against oxidative stress caused by free radicals.The leaves are cooked alone or combined with other local vegetables, such as spider plant or pumpkin The leaves are rich in Calcium, Iron, Vitamins A, B and C There is no distinct separation between the vegetable and grain type since the leaves of young grain type plants can be eaten as greens. 100% Organic and Eco-friendly packed. Cultivate your own farm on your home and be healthy.


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  “Follow Our Traditional Cultivation & Have Healthy Lifestyle”

                   Amaranth is an annual, upright, tall and broad leafed plant. Amaranth species have huge number of varieties. The greens are edible leafy vegetables and nutritious. Leaves and grains are staple foods of Incas and Aztecs in per-Columbia times. In present days, the growth is reduced in tropical climates of Asia, Latin America and Africa. Amaranth belongs to Amaranth cease in genus Amaranth’s. Amaranth shows the features such as short spike inflorescence, brownish to black seed and indeterminate growth habit. Grain amaranths have apical large inflorescence which comprises of aggregate of cycles and white or colored seeds. Grain Amaranths consists of  Caucasus, hypochondriacs and encrust.

Why Amaranth Leaves?

                The humble Amaranth leaves are witnessing a resurgence in their popularity after research has found them to be packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Not just the leaves, even the seeds of this plant are a necessary source of gluten-free protein. Part of the tropical climates, it can be found in all regions of our country. The leaves are green, gold, purple or red depending on the area

Health Benefits of Amaranth Leaves:

    1. Loaded with nutrients

    Amaranth leaves are regarded as storehouse of nutrients as well as antioxidants which assist to lower inflammation in the body and boost nutrition to maintain overall health.

    1. Low calories

    The serving of 100 gm of amaranth leaves offers 23 calories. Small bit of fat and no cholesterol content makes it a healthy food for those who are concerned with weight or reduce weight.

    1. Fiber content

    Amaranth leaves have adequate soluble and insoluble fiber that offers various health benefits. Its intake helps to lower weight and hinder heart disease as it reduces cholesterol in blood. Nutritionists recommend to intake high dose of amaranth leaves in diet for managing weight and high blood pressure.

    1. Treat anemia

    A cup of Amaranth leaves offers 29% of daily recommended intake of iron.Iron is required for production of red blood cells and also required for cellular metabolism. Along with amaranth leaves, add vitamin C to facilitate maximum absorption of iron in blood. Add lemon with amaranth leaves with glass of orange juice.

    1. Strengthen immune system

    Amaranth greens have high content of vitamin C. A serving of 100 grams offers 70% of daily requirement of Vitamin C, a water soluble vitamin required to comb at infections and speeds up healing process. It also lowers the effect of free radicals in environment that results in aging and cancer.

    1. Vitamin A

    Amaranth leaves offer adequate Vitamin A. A cup of amaranth leaves provides 97% of daily requirement of this anti-oxidative vitamin. It is loaded with flavoring polyphonic antioxidant such as Xanthippe, Beta carotene and lutenist providing a protective layer against oxidative stress caused by free radicals. This vitamin is required for maintaining healthy skin and vision health. It also protects mouth and lung cancers.

    1. Vitamin K

    Amaranth leaves are rich in Vitamin K which is crucial for bone health. It enhances osteopathic activity and strengthen mass. It is useful for people with Alzheimer’s disease as it controls neural damage in brain.

    1. Availability of potassium

    Amaranth leaves are loaded with potassium required for maintaining good cardiac health. It is crucial for formation of balanced cellular fluid environment. It controls heart rate in human body.

    1. Protein

    Besides grain, amaranth leaves are also high in protein. Protein through plant source is regarded to be much healthier rather than animal sources as it has no cholesterol and very low fat.

Go Organic

  • It is 100% Organic & hence friendly to nature.
  • The best organic supplement for home gardening which is free from all types of pesticides.
  • It is produced by composting all sorts of organic matter.

For example- food waste, dairy waste, plant waste like leaves, straw, husk & poultry litter like cow dung etc.,

Why buy from ABONO?

  • “ABONO” is on a mission to make our earth a better place to live in.
  • We encourage people to grow their own food & increase green cover by making space for natural live plants at our homes or offices for a healthier and happier life.

“Let’s join hands – sow a seed, grow a plant & make a difference”


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