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VermiZakan, Coco Peat Powder, Bovine Manure.

Abono Biotech Industries grow with the principle of enhancing the natural farming methods and maintaining the quality of soil and crops. The cause and effect of chemical fertilizers are so serious, and that is when we came to the market to enrich the modern farming methods with Biofertilizers such as VermiZakan, Coco peat powder and Bovine manure.

Biofertilizers contain living microorganisms, which when made in contact with the seeds, plants or soil, rejuvenates the interior system of the plants and promotes the growth by providing invariant nutrients essentially needed by the plants. Prolonged use of chemical fertilizers degrades the soil and affects crop yield. Biofertilizers, on the other hand, enhance the water holding capacity of the soil and add essential nutrients such as nitrogen, vitamins and proteins to the soil.

Packaging: These Biofertilizers are packed with eco friendly cotton bags having a net weight of 5kg per sample.

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